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2017-09-22 16:50:30 (UTC)

Missing You....2

i've been thinking of You all week......i hope my thoughts rattled your mind a little! :-)
Work has been insane. We have a new President who is on a bit of a rampage and he has people on edge with all his meetings and trainings and other "stuff".
i hate to say it but tomorrow (9/23) is questionable. i need to go with my brother to deal with my father who insists on being taken to his apartment to "look around". We used that conversation as a way to broach the topic of vacating it which really needs to happen soon but my brother is leery of doing anything permanent until this Medicaid appeal is resolved.
Anyway.......please look for me but don't wait more than 15 minutes. Sunday is not out of the question!

Missing you badly. The thoughts definitely reached me!:)