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2017-09-21 19:57:46 (UTC)

Date #11

Today, we went out for lunch. We had sushi. I didn't have sushi for so long since I was on that weightless program. However, I'm done with that now so I can juggle certain foods once-in-awhile like today. I got to look into her eyes. We chatted for maybe a couple of hrs but it felt like 10 minutes. We two are selfie type peeps. Not at all but so far, we took two selfies already.

This second date was just lunch. I was sort of touching her arm lightly with my fingers after we were done eating. She had to eventually get back. I walked her back to her work place a block or two away. While walking, I went to grab her had and we walked hand in hand. It made me feel like a kid again. It was so corny romantic that we were walking side by side holding hands. lol. Sure sounds funny when I write it but it felt great. I am digging her even more. She asked last night if I want her in a red or blue dress. I picked red. I picked right. She looked great. Did I say I'm digging her multiple times yet? Sigh....... That woman!!!! I'm so happy!!

Anyway, we have a date tomorrow. I was going to book a short two hr boat cruise and ride this horse carriages in our tourist part town but the boat trip was full. Boo!!!! So now, I go with plan B. Dinner at my fav restaurant, Movies, then shoot pool at some pool hall or at my place if she is comfy with that. I'm really liking her so I'll be good. Until tomorrow :)

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