This life
2017-09-21 05:16:38 (UTC)

My birthday

Well yesterday was my birthday. I am officially 51 even though I've been saying it for months now. Why wait till the last minute? I stayed up late Tuesday night till about 4:00 Wednesday morning. So the first 4 hours of my birthday I was up playing video games. ha! Then I slept till 2:45, jumped in the shower, got ready for work and worked until 4:30 this morning. So my birthday was not exciting. But we are celebrating it tonight. Cake and everything. Blake is bringing his new girlfriend over to show off to the family. Turns out she's his BEST friend's sister. Hope that doesn't end badly. My dad gave me a cute card with a dog on it something about the dog wanting to eat my cake. Not that much of a stretch, these dogs are out of control. lol oh yeah and a gift card to Walmart so I can buy some clothes that fit. Everything is too big on me again. OH!!! I reached my goal! I've lost 120lbs! We'll see if my body keeps loosing or stays put right here.

Sorry about that side note. Back to my birthday, Mom sent me a set of coloring pencils from Amazon. No card or note saying it was from her but she's the only one that thinks I like to color anymore so I knew it was from her. I texted her and said thanks for the pencils. She said happy birthday, glad you liked them. That was it. The thing is, I don't like them. If she ever paid attention to me she would know I don't color or have the passion to do so like she does. She thinks because she loves it, I must love it too.

Oh well. Something else I'll pack away for retirement activities. I have quite a few things hoarded away to keep me entertained when I retire. I'm so afraid of being bored. I get bored now, and that's why I play video games. Keeps my mind busy and not thinking about sad stuff. I used to just enjoy watching my bird feeder, but since the bear knocked it down and broke it twice, the third pole we bought we've been bringing in the feeders at night. The birds don't come around as much as before. Once the bears go into hibernation we can leave the feeders out and the early birds will come back. But its not much to watch right now. So I play video games. Keeps my mind focused so I don't get emotional.

I can't wait for cake and ice cream later today! I have to sleep for a while, go to a doctor appointment and maybe a meeting at work, Then I come home to birthday celebration. !!! yay!

Well, the sooner I go to sleep, the sooner things will start happening, so good night. Sleep tight.