Diary of Rei
2017-09-21 00:19:01 (UTC)

Day 3

Good Evening!

So here is my day 3 Update!

1. I cracked.... I had a little bit of Gatorade and wine... :/

2. Today I woke up at 5:36am... So fairly late, but not late for work!

3.I went for a walk today... No workout tho.

4. I did not take a cold shower... but I didn't take a hot shower!

5. No fucking sex yet. WTF

6. I walked 6k steps today! Better than nothing!

7. Look at me now! BD

8. I did not fricken stretch today :/

9. This processed food thing is hard.... I did have some...

10. And added sugar from the gatorade....

11. Skin care routine is a go! :)

12. :(

Well.. I didn't do great... but one HUUUUGE step... I'M STARTING THERAPY TOMORROW !!!! I am excited and I will keep triyng.

Have a great night guys! <3 You!