The Real Me
2017-09-18 07:16:26 (UTC)

drugs and love

He told me that my beauty is intimidating which I find frustrating...ive heard this before.. I've felt it before. People just assume i will cheat or be a shit person. Plus points for being a bimbo but the last thing I am Is empty.

Anyway so just my luck that this mystery bitch appears from nowhere swoops in and takes him from me before this has even began!!!! I am at that point where I don't know if I should fight for him or not. Of course it would be a silent patient fight all is fair in love and war right? she didn't even want him, she only wanted him when I thought I found what i wanted. Or who knows, ive been wrong before.

I guess we chase the things we think will make us happy and maybe I've never really known what true happiness is so I assume this is it. We can't really aim for what we have no idea of what it even looks like.

But I have moments..this is one of them that I get the urge to have him. I want him over her, or maybe it's the competition. All I know is that every so often I bump into people that I want to emulate and he's one of them people that I admire.