2017-09-16 21:50:49 (UTC)

ouch ouch ouch

"No Control" by Brand New

No control
(I thought I knew the way out but then)
No control
(It started over again)

September 17, 2017 Sunday 1:34 PM

My head has been hurting on a daily basis for at least a week. It is awful. I feel sick all the time. Gunk in the brain, stuck in the wrinkles.

Yesterday, I woke up and was sort of okay but I went to the mall with my hall neighbor (possible friend but I don't really wanna get my hopes up) and a pulsing in my head began. I maintained that pain for the rest of the day, pretty much. It got worse, I took pills, it got a bit better, got worse again, etc. etc.

I wish I was in a sub-free hall. All these people partying next door on Saturday nights gets me feeling lame.

God, it just hurts a lot. Okay. Time to struggle through my math homework, lol. See ya.

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