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2017-09-14 22:03:56 (UTC)

I did it!!!!!! :)

Well, I lost the 20 pounds in 6 weeks just like the place promised if I followed the program. Im near the end. Last workout is tomorrow or maybe Saturday but I already worked out the mandatory 30 times in 6 weeks. I'll be at 33 workouts after Friday and I might sneak one in on Saturday.
I was at 190.4. I'm guessing I'll end up at around 167-168.

Guess what? I already have a date for this Friday. Just like that. Not via an online thing too (which I truly suck at) but a regular date meeting the normal way. Haha. It won't matter how it turns out, it's been so long that I'm just happy enough to play the game. And yes, she is cute too. I was getting into the mindset of just settling. You know what that means. But nope, I was able to get a date with a cutie. I hope it turns out great. I'm really attracted to her and it'd be nice if we clicked.

It's been a good couple of months lately. I feel better and I kept the drama from the Ex out of the way. I don't bother reading her emails. Not that she sends a lot but I've just blown it off. Finally I'm feeling better inside and out. This better not be a dream and I'll wake up to a big ass beer belly. That'd suck. lol