Waiting For Death

The World Is Stupid
2017-09-13 16:22:10 (UTC)

Of Pain and Grudges

Nothing major that I need to vent about. I mean there are times where I feel like saying STFU because they say things that are a bit...So yeah nothing new really. Unless you count that now instead of having to wear trousers under a skirt (sounds yuck) I can wear it normally without having to wear a skirt except the trousers I have are too big and uh it's just a mess.
Word of advice, don't hold grudges. It hurts people a lot. If someone asks you that let's not hate each other anymore, take up their off. And by not hating, don't give dirty looks every second and ignore their existence. It hurts. Even if it is over something petty like dance partners. (If that person ever sees this and thinks it's them, honestly fuck you and please act civil).
Anyway, Taylor released Album 6 so I think I'm going to go listen to her songs on repeat.