trying to live life the best way i can
2017-09-13 16:16:56 (UTC)

really want to go!

so theres this guy... haha isnt that how every story starts...
well! he asked me to go to the poconos w him, and i really wanted to go. but i have work, and i cant just call off! i actually have responsibilities and i cant be selfish :(
he's my ex, but we dated like three years ago so we were both young and immature. but now we're both young adults and we know more ... we've been talking for a month and ive been wondering what we were... as in i was looking for a label, and i didnt want to ask him. but recently someone reminded me that instead of trying to put a title on what we have, just focus on whats real!
that changed my perspective and im very happy with where we r at right now :)