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2017-09-08 19:21:52 (UTC)

sleep away the skull

September 8, 2017 Friday 7:22 PM

Intro to Neuroscience
Calc 0090
Chem 0100
Ancient Philosophy
And kinda-sorta Intro to Literature

And, and, and. Yes. Yes, indeed. I have a bit of a headache. It is in the outermost parts of my head, heavy in the skull, pressurized air where my brain shouuuullld be. I am not exactly tired (I have been sleeping well) but I am tempted to go to sleep right now. There's a slight feverish quality to my dumb dumb dumb head ache. I don't think I am sick or anything, just, yeah. My head hurts and it affects me subtly, makes me not wanna do actual things. So bored.

But I am overall in a better mood today than I was on Wednesday. I saw Nick this morning. He is weird. I can't really figure him out. But I guess I can't figure most people out. I wonder if he just doesn't like me as a person. Am I going to elaborate on these thoughts? No, no I am not. So there's no telling whether or not they have a solid basis in reality. SoooOORrry.

wHO am I apologizing to? My aching head? Yes. Yes, indeed.

When will I get back to normal diarying. I miss writing in here. Where is the usual thing that drives me. Where is the tugging in my stomach. Why do I not feel anything in there. Has my passion up n' died? No, probably just like sleeping.

I stare at blank pages and I can't write. Which sucks. Did not used to be so hard to write. It's just writer's block. It's just temporary. Hate it aways, hate it always. G o o d n i g h t.