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2017-09-06 18:45:22 (UTC)

So the Ex Strikes Again

The ex has sent me emails after emails about missing me. Bullshit this and bullshit that. Today, she sent me a pic of our daughter. Mexican tradition at 15 so she is doing a cincinera or whatever you call it. They are in Nevada. I think the ex has remarried and I think she fools around on her ex. She once told me that it's only a piece of paper. Well, to me she is only a piece of shit! I guess morality is dead in this world. What bugs me is that the dude and I go way back. He was the one she had an affair with and who she's living with now. That part I don't mind. The thing is that my ex once said that if she didn't divorce me, he would hurt the kids. Truth? I don't know. She is full of shit. He is a nut job too. All that isn't my business anymore really.

However, it does hurt a little that I will not be representing her on her cincinera. Instead, it'lll be the guy that may or may not have threatened to kill the kids. Again, I know it's not my problem and again, who knows if the ex is telling the truth or not. It just sucks that my kiddo would chose me to be there and I'm not there for her special day....

Nothing I can really do but take one step at a time in life and keep moving on. Still alive so no choice. At least now I'm losing weight, looking younger, and getting at least a Dad bod. lol . Tomorrow is another day and I will get up and face it head on as usual.

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