abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-10-10 22:24:38 (UTC)

hey guess who? your mom hey..

hey guess who? your mom
hey guess what? your mom
hey i heard... your mom?

wait- YOUR MOM!?

ahh no its my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew it, dirty rat

my new honny is- doodling, drawing, coloring...... yay?

ahh aby have fun have fun have fun and be flawless at the
same time... ahve fun, and be flawless... be kind... go by
liek Buddha's 8 rules or w/e they are

and meditate later too, you ahven't in like, forever

marc is nuts sayign i gave him a dirty look... i'll admit
that today wasn't a good day but coenm on! i DON'T give
dirty looks. i DON'T talk smakc about people. and i DON'T
get in fights about anything (seriosuly, anyways)...... and
i respect myself for it

shit, my ear hurts liek a bitch but i'm piercing it
again... ahhh ed coem over tongiht come and visit me i'm so
lonely without you......
aww november rain edo... quick, coem here now

i had a dentention today :Þ HA

i am in a bad mood... everythign is amkign me mad... and i
dotn want to explain it

friends are so wonderful ;).......... later girls

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