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2017-09-04 14:38:59 (UTC)

dickheads get it

Hey Alex,

1. Did you watch the footage I did for the film ?
2. How did you find it?
3. Has it been edited?
4. When are they editing?
5. When we spoke a few weeks ago, you asked me how I'd like to be credited on the BTS footage, and I told you I'd let you know? Shot by and Directed by. So, DP and Director. Is

5. I wanted to update you. Something's come up. someone in the family is in a critical condition as of 2 hours ago, so i'm going to bristol tonight and I have NO idea when I'll be back. So I now have to put a dozen things to the side including my dissertation, and the BTS photos I shot for your project is one of those things unfortunately. I have never left a project incomplete before, so I don't take this lightly but there's also no doubt in my mind that if you found yourself in my position would see no choice but to do the same.

I don;t know what's happening honestly
I'm not at home
I'll something changes then I will give you a call. However if you don't hear from me, please assume that nothing has changed since this conversation.

6. I also noticed you unfollowed me on instagram. I find that odd.
6. You're not one of those types are you?
7. You know, one of those Film directors who's suddenly realised that black african culture is currently in vogue and so they pretend to be pro-black woman so that they can rip off black or african female narratives for their own content, when really, the way THEY live their lives does anything BUT support black women - from the friends that they keep, to the people whose work they support. I've worked with a few and usually the funny thing about those types of directors is that 90% of the time their portrayal of black/african womanhood is a monolith cringe-fest that totally misses the mark because they're not equipped to understand these narratives beyond the cliche, unoriginal imagery that they've seen on Afropunk, and frankly they don't care to understand them beyond this.
8. Haha. You know i'm just joking with you.