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2017-09-04 06:33:18 (UTC)

Working out again?

Well, well, well. I don't know what lit up my butt but I joined a gym. At least for 6 weeks anyway. Why? I don't really know. Not like I give a rats ass about how I look. I'm fine with how I look. Yes, I'm overweight but it didn't bug me. So, I'm starting week 5 of a 6 week program. Supposedly, I'll lose 20 pounds if I follow their meal plan and work out 30 times in 6 weeks with them. You know what? They are right. I have two more weeks to go and I lost 15 pounds. 5 more in 2 weeks will be no problem. I even stopped drinking during this time. Not that I'll never drink but I can do it for 6 weeks. I didn't know that drinking slows down the metabolism. That'd suck when I'm trying to lose weight and increase my metabolism.

This wasn't hard at all. They help you with your meal plan. You eat more than you did before. Making home cooked meals is actually saving me money. So with that, the gym fees become a wash. You won't spend more or less than you are spending right n ow in the long run.

Will I get laid more or even some? haha. That remains to be seen.

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