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2017-08-30 19:08:36 (UTC)

Catching up...UP

i hope Your "fuck-it" vacation was fun and relaxing!

We did a similar thing this last weekend after getting a "last-minute" deal from one of my fave White Mountain Inns. We took off and enjoyed the spectacular early fall weather, and great food, and sensual hot tub! :-)

Aside from the good time i miss You. i do expect to be here Saturday morning but being the long weekend i am worried you may be off for the weekend. So please let me know and if that's the case i understand. Though i will miss You!

Hope to hear from You......


You are right about the 3 day weekend, but I will do my best! Not sure on plans just yet. Please don't wait beyond the times we agreed My love. I should be around Sunday either way. I miss you badly!!!!!!!!!!