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2017-08-28 16:13:25 (UTC)

Eid holidays have started. But I'm ..

Eid holidays have started. But I'm not relaxed at all now a days. I think it's because the exams will start right after the holidays end. Or maybe it's because of the fact that I'm going to fail in every subject. Well, not in every subject. I think I won't fail in physics. My parents will be so disappointed. Growing up in a family like mine is not that easy, at least not for me. parents start dreaming that you'll have nice job when you grow up and blah blah blah. it's not their fault either. This idea has gotten into everyone's mind in Bangladesh. If you are a boy, your fate is to be an engineer. And if you are a girl, you have to be a doctor. It has become a tradition here.......

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