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2017-08-26 21:09:34 (UTC)

Healthy? Maybe.

I've been trying to buy things without sulfates, aluminum, or other dangerous ingredients, but being on a tight budget and living with my mom makes it hard. She says, "Just get the cheap stuff." I tell her that the cheap stuff has dangerous ingredients, but she says, "Hasn't hurt me." Being a hypochondriac, if someone said that apples can cause cancer, I'd never eat another apple or anything that contains it. But me, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Sometimes she'll buy the groceries and get the cheapest soap, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant. As of a week ago, I've stopped using deodorant.

Yes, I've jumped on the no-deo bandwagon like Gwyneth Paltrow, Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper. I smell a little, but not as bad as Gwyneth, and I read she stinks so bad no one wants to sit by her at award ceremonies. But according to my mother, antiperspirant and shampoo are the best things since sliced bread. When I go on vacation, my mom gets mad when I want to bring my own body stuff and not just use what another person bought. But that person bought stuff with the stuff in it and they laugh at me when I try to explain to them why I prefer not to use their things. They think all the harmful side effects are BS, just like with spanking, but I'll get into that topic another time.

I wish my family could understand my views, but they don't and would rather breath in hairspray, just so their hair can stay in place. It's ridiculous! I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.