my open book
2017-08-25 22:34:19 (UTC)

Is this fantasy real or pretend?

Let's pretend I'm living in a fantasy. What would it look like? I'd live by a beautiful beach and look out at the shore everyday. or maybe I'd live in a small town such as a bubble. After all, where I live now is like a bubble. Beautiful nature right in my backyard. Walking trails taking me any path I want to travel. It's perfect. But let's fantasize now. I live on top of clouds. Not a beach. and not a bubble. On top of those clouds are floating houses and even islands. Maybe even every cloud could make up an individuals desires. There could be everything their is to life now. Partying, beaches, swimming pools, restaurants. Anything you want, its there. I could make any dream come true. They always say "get your head out of the clouds", but what about living on clouds? Then our pipe dreams could become true. A dancer who's destined to be dancer can achieve it. A poet could write beautiful poetry and it would float in the clouds to every person in the world making a true impact on them. A singer could make their peak and be the artist they truly want to be. A scientists could figure all the answers to the universe and explain everything we do not know. All of life's mystery's could be reasoned in the clouds. That cloudy bubble with our thoughts written in it do not just have to be fantasies anymore. For me. . . this is what my bubble would be. I want to write music and let every person have a listen to it. I also want world peace and everyone's thought bubble to be heard. Everyone of you can make a difference. Go on, find a cloud and make it what you want it to be. Do you want to be rich? or do you want to end world hunger? or maybe you want the life of the party? or maybe your a scientists and you want the perfect explanation to come together that answers the unknown, which then advances our race, and strengthens our intellect? Or you simply want the same life you have now and just want to know that it will never change? Or some of you may want to keep your head out of the clouds.
Here's my words of wisdom:
Follow your heart. Follow your desires. Follow your instinct. & and be you and only you.