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2017-08-22 20:00:19 (UTC)

my thoughts on American eating

Today I scrolled through my television on Netflix, looking for something interesting to watch. Two programs caught my interest . One about how we investigate crimes today, and the other one about food in America. I chose the food documentary. I wanted to see what it was all about since I have been on the dash diet for an a half now. The program caught much of my interest. It had one main focus. That was a man questioning why the American Heart Association, and the American Diabetes Association is advertising foods where studies have shown they are harmful to our bodies. These associations spend money on researching the health side effects of food and then turn around and advertise that food as heart healthy. This man decided to call these headquarters himself and get answers. He also called many doctors offices around the country. Hardly anybody wanted to answer his questions. Then he figured it out all for himself. It turns out that these doctors get their income from many well known fast food institutions. Such as name brand foods or dominoes pizza. They make top dollar by advertising the wrong foods to eat. So all of you are wondering, what are they advertising this is not nutritious for our body? and is causing a country wide diabetes epidemic? Well here's what the documentary claims. Sugar is not the culprit for diabetes. While it is a small factor, there is foods that are really causing it, and I'll the science behind it, in just a moment. The real issue is a high animal fat diet. This includes all of your processed meat. Anything from cold cut deli meats to frozen packaged steak or pork. These foods cannot be processed through our body because hormones, pesticides, fungi, and bacteria that is still on these meats. This is what happens. These meats enter the bloodstream, and blocks blood flow through the arteries. This is what the documentary claims leads to diabetes. Now here's another thing that we apparently should never be ingesting. Our bodies cannot process dairy products either. These come from animal fat as well and also contains toxins. The documentary even claims that studies have shown that milk is not truly a good source of calcium for muscle strength nor should you rely on it for protein. Since we should not have dairy or meat products without leading to cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, or many other fatal complications, then what should we be doing about it? Here's what one doctor in the documentary that had a discussion with the man revealed. Our diets should be strictly plant based. We should be eating anything that grows on the ground. This doctor claims the counter argument that many people use an excuse not to follow this diet, is that we are not getting enough protein this way. Though this doctor says, what we fail to recognize is that, the only reason the animals have protein in their bodies, is because they eat the plants on the ground. When we eat protein that comes from an animal, the protein has already been digested by the animal. So your protein is coming from plants that the animal has already digested. This seems quite disgusting when we reason this in our minds. It's basically like eating spoiled food. Think about if someone threw up and you ate it. That's what it's like. Whereas if we eat the plants ourselves, it is fresh and clean, and has not be eaten by any other creature. Now people are thinking it sounds like a boring diet, just eating plant based foods when we've been used to delicious meats that we think are providing us with a good source of protein. Though there are many plant based things we can eat. There is whole grain bread, brown rice, many different fruits/vegetables, and even nuts. These are all okay to eat and they provide you with not only protein, but also fibers. Another doctor on the documentary claims that people are hardly even protein deficient, they are always fiber deficient. There is one way I personally look it. I am not a trained health physician or doctor, so you can feel free to differ with what I think, but I believe you can correlate this to the energy from the sun. The sun is what is scientifically said to provide energy to the plants. If the sun did not exist, none of us would be here, and nor would the plants. Therefore, the plants are our most vital source of energy. When you think about it, how would wild animals be living, without eating the grass from the ground? They do not hail up humans and kill them to get their source of protein. They eat what grows on the trees and on the ground. This is not to say, that they do not prey on other animals, and get some meat in their diets. Though it works more like survival of the fittest. There is competition on whether the animal will succeed on killing another animal, and eating it, or if they even have the capability. Whereas with humans, we kill thousands and thousands of animals everyday. This is because we are addicted to a high carnivore diet, when we are meant to have a high herbivore, and omnivore diet, with little meat. Of course killing animals everyday does make the U.S. high profit when turning around and selling it in the stores, it is highly labor intensive, gets away from natural selection, and is raising bills in America to trillions of dollars in healthcare bills. Is all this hard work truly worth it, when people are becoming terminally ill and factory workers killing these animals or being overworked and exposed to dangerous animal toxins? Not to mention, many animals carry rabies and many other disease that humans should not be exposed to at all. If we can survive off of a plant based diet, and even feel physically better, then it is worth a country wide change. Imagine where the money could be going, instead o being spent in high healthcare bills. Our U.S. dollars could be spent towards new roads, better infrastructure, more well designed communities where people feel safe, and even more money towards science/technology research. It would also help improve poverty levels, if there was substantial money freed up, to go towards low social economic areas having better school systems in place, and improvement on living conditions.

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