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2017-08-21 02:28:47 (UTC)

my stance on Case for Christ movie

This movie made me think about many things. Christ is very real to me and to be more educated in the bible is inspiring. I think it's a miracle how an atheist can become a pastor. This man is honestly remarkable. Personally, I was not even aware that their were 500 biblical recordings of people that had seen Jesus resurrect. While this man did not present himself as a good character at the beginning of the movie, and I was on his wife's side entirely, this was life changing for him. All he wanted to do, was prove that the sightings of Christ did really exist. It's okay to not believe in things we cannot see. It's actually very understandable. and when he did finally did reach having faith and trust in Christ, it made it that much more real for him. He knew he had done his valid research and the work was truly credible. Honestly, all things should be questioned before having full devotion to it. This is an amazing movie that could make anyone cry. I'd love to read his book, about going from skepticism to a believer. Yes, this movie is a true story, for anyone wondering. I highly recommend y'all watching it :) It's such a beautiful story and literally the beginning scene is what will make people the most sad and scared, and it also sets the mood for the rest of the movie. And the plot :)