This life
2017-08-20 11:59:10 (UTC)

I don't know how I feel

I don't know how I feel. Mom left this morning.

I texted her on the 18th and asked her if she was still so mad at me or if I could bring over her birthday present and cheesecake cup from Fredericks. She said of course I could come over. She was upset with me but still loved me. So we did that. I texted her later that night from work and asked her just so we could be crystal clear, that she was leaving because of me. She said she was leaving because of Dad. She didn't want to be near him, see him or have to be around him. She hates him that much. So in effect, because I brought him here, she's leaving. Even after she said it was OK with her. On the 19th, she had people from church come over and help her move. I was sleeping cuz I worked the night before so I missed it. I texted her in the afternoon and asked her if she wanted to do anything for her birthday and she said she didn't want to leave Daisy (her dog) because she was so confused and upset. So at 1:30 this morning I texted her to see if she was awake. She was. She told me Uncle Steven was here and was going to do the driving. I told her I wanted to see her off cuz she was leaving before 6:00 that I set my alarm at 5:00. But since she had Steven she would already have company and that this was goodbye. She never responded. I guess she was afraid I would come see her off, cuz I got a text at 4:30 that she had already left and that she loved me.

How am I supposed to feel about this?