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2017-08-18 20:29:06 (UTC)

A late tonight!

A late tonight!
My sis decide to give me a call we've haven't spoken on the phone 4-5 years last night. She told me bout my first experience drinking alcohol at 17 years old I was loud (light weight) still don't know how to whisper. She makes me laugh like we're kids she knows me well enough I trust her completely she's wise. We have made it somehow being young adults, am blessed that she in my life seriously am! I spent the hours texting my boyfriend till I burnt myself out, each day is getting better with us now. I have blessed God give me someone that I can love so much, that cant imagine being with anyone else. Yes, this my first love I am strongly to make our communication is the main focus of being boyfriend and girlfriend. I have to say this being love with someone is best feeling in the world specially when you were outcast growing up has been difficult. I think more positive in my relationship and that has shown my education.
Your gf :) I love you forever James
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