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me and my life
2017-08-18 13:59:30 (UTC)

Brainy rush

Sometimes I get so stressed. All of sudden i just over thinkiNg about everything of my life, car ;( job, money, house, mom, pcod, past struggle of being an actor this all make me soooo much stressed and I end up fucking up my brain and get upset with urge of crying. I feel like going to sea, open sky n shout my lungs out and let out all this stress. What if had none. Life que have been so cool. Wow.... But this is not possible.
I may get little relaxed as tomorrow i am flying to Goa with V. I am expecting to have a good time there with v. This is our first trip together. I had planned for couple tees but cudnt arrange :( ave not done Ny shopping as well. I am such a struggle some girl. I mean may be i am not organised or may be things are so with me in my case. Choker also I wanted but I dint buy. Today I have to get all things coz tomorrow i am leaving. M so excited... Yuhoooo
Yaar job is going very bad. M just not happy inspire of some hike i feel i earn peanuts, half of my money going to emi, my stupid decision ever. I cud have saved 4 lacs by now.... Mummyyyy;( god pls i want good job. To see on outer side nothing in my life is at right place. 2017 was really bad. Let's see wata stored for me in coming days.
Cya all I'll come back with some sweet goa memories.