my open book
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2017-08-16 16:38:23 (UTC)

my tragic love story worth sharing

I dated a guy for four months who has turned out to be a pathological liar. On the first day I met him, he told lies that now looking back made no sense. He claimed that he was a psychological profiler for the FBI. Another claim he made that same night was that he had hacked his schools grading system and changed his grades to passing. This is apparently the only way he graduated. He also claimed that he catches out radicalism in public places and gets people fired that could potentially become dangerous. He does this by collecting information about people and scoping them out. This is all apparently apart of his profiling job that he gets paid for. While I should have realized these things did not make sense considering he's only 19 and is barely out of high school! I was blind to it at the time. After that night we hung out two or three times a week and went to many fun places. Everything seemed normal except for a few small lies he still told every now and then. He claimed to have been sexually abused in the 6th grade on the school bus and that he had physically attacked the boy doing it and almost went to jail. He also claimed that a previous girl he dated, drugged and raped him. After a while, all these far fetched stories just did not add up. He told even told more lies about his job occupation. He started claiming to have a side business with a man in his twenties but would not tell me what the business was about or how it got started. He'd just always say he was interviewing someone and that he needed an hour to do so before me and him could go on a date. Then I found out the only real place he worked at was Auto trucks. Another far fetched story he told was that the reason he had an issue speaking clearly was that he was kicked in the throat by a Mexican at his school who thought he was racist. Though this is not all. The next things I am going to share is his most far fetched lies of all. First I am going to discuss the true things he told me and how they lead up into a lie that cannot hide itself. So he signed up to be enlisted in the military. He was leaving for basic training over last spring break to serve in the Air force. While he was there for 8 weeks, he wrote me a few love letters. We communicated back and fourth. Though here's the odd part. In one of his letters he told me that he was being placed in med hold for an injured shoulder and that he might be getting discharged soon. A few weeks later, he was medically discharged and kicked out the Air force. And when he came back, he was still blaming it on his shoulder. He then disappeared for 5 days. He literally blocked me on every social media account we were friends on, without a formal breakup. I got nothing. There's was no message saying I want to break up or anything. So I texted his number and called him trying to figure out what was going on. I was honestly concerned for him because the day before he said that he had traumatic military experiences that he did not like. After about a week, he finally answered and was pissed off that I was trying to contact him, but then he opened up on why he has broken up with me. We then started talking again and keeping somewhat of a friendship going. And then I mentioned about us hanging out again. So one night he came over and that's when all the lying started all over again. He told my mom, the real reason he was really kicked out the military was because he had too much anxiety and could not handle the stress of the basic training. Which this fine that he confessed his real reason. I can understand people getting embarrassed to discuss their own emotional issues and wanting to cover it up. Even though I could clearly tell there was nothing wrong his shoulder, I brushed it off and still wanted to be close. But then he even told a deeper lie to me and my mom. He started saying that his air force experiences and training enabled him to he offered a TSA job in Hawaii making $83,000 a year. And that he had a year to decide if he was going to accept the job. Once again it's another lie that I initially fell for. But when my dad heard about this, he told me I needed to start questioning the things he was telling me. So I decided to research the requirements for being offered a TSA position. And it turns out he has none of the qualifications. The Air force does not qualify a person for it, only the coast guard and one other branch that I can not remember off hand. And you have to be currently serving and go though a 3 to 5 day lengthy paperwork process. He had not been back from basic training long enough to start this process and get an answer back, and he was no longer currently serving. He did no even fully complete basic training. Also the salary did not even slightly match. In Hawaii, it ranges from about $20,000 to $40,000. And the only other non military route is to have a college degree. And he was telling us that he has orientation coming up and that he was going to Lone star. This is literally going to be his first time even stepping foot on a college campus. So he has no degree to work for TSA or even the psychological profiling position that he was telling me all about before he left for boot camp. And more than likely his business does not exist either, or he would have described it to me, in more detail to me. There is one more lie that he told and this is the one that I called him out on and it caused him to permanently stop contacting me even to this day. The last thing he told my mother and I, is that he is a security guard at target. While this part may be true, here's the part Of it that we do not believe is true. He told us that target has a confidentiality agreement that states that no one can know what location he works at. And he told me and my mom that if we ever showed up and said hi to him, that he would get fired for a breech of store security. This is another thing that is so far fetched from reality. While I decided not to say anything about all the other lies I had him caught him in, this one I did confront him about through text. He acted highly offended, and said we have no love with no trust. Then he blocked my number. This made me very upset, and I was in shock with how much nonsense I had so blindly believed, and even more upset that he would not confess the truth to me, and at least give me some kind of explanation as to why his life was not making sense. All I got in return, was denial and I almost started to feel guilty for calling him out. The thought went through my mind, that maybe my family and I are just paranoid, and everything he's telling us is true, and that now a good relationship is gone all because I said too much too fast. I then finally convinced myself that I should be happy that he is not contacting me anymore, because there is not a justifiable reason to be with someone who won't even reach back out to me, and most likely is some kind of pathological liar. While I was sad and hurt at the time, I deserve to be with someone who is more willing to openly communicate when there are issues that occur in the relationship. And I want to be 100% confident in the things the guy tells me about their life. If things do not appear to make sense, then it is most likely something to question. My advice to anyone reading this, is to watch out for people close to you, that have tendencies to make there life sound more exciting and thrilling than it actually is. Wouldn't we all love to say we are the coolest people in the world that work for TSA making double the salary than every other TSA worker, and have this awesome criminal profiling position even though we have no college degree, and that were a top secret security guard for Target with some side business that no one even knows about that makes us so much money and oh ya I catch out radicalism and have the power to hack my schools computer system and change my grades to passing. Like maybe he was trying to impress me, but it did not work. And it can be more hurtful to find out later than sooner that someone has blatantly lied about everything in their life. so ya. end of story. end of bullshit.