taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2017-08-11 03:06:30 (UTC)

little thoughts at the end of a marriage

- 15 years of life with another person, reduced to squabbling about amounts of money that don't even fucking matter.

- nothing prepares for when she seems surprised that you were still in love. that's how done she was. she couldn't fathom how you found love to be in amongst the ugliness.

- "i still love you but am not in love with you" is a thousand times worse than "i don't love you." what am i supposed to do with this vacant love?

- i'm going to miss her body. it was strong and beautiful. I felt safe and content when she was around and we were touching. she let me have sex with her and, during the good times, it made me feel more alive than at any point previously.

- i'll never forget our first night together.

- i'll never forget how the divide between us grew and how she made me feel lower than dirt.

- if she goes back to the affair guy in any shape or form, my organs will cease functioning simultaneously.

- i miss her mother terribly.

- everyone always says they'll never find someone ever again when their heart gets broken. it's true in this instance.

- the next month living together with this nice bullshit facade, trying to suppress this love i still feel as the end draws ever nearer... it's going to be gut wrenching.

- i don't think i can do riot fest.

- i have to sleep this pain away.