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2017-08-07 02:08:08 (UTC)

to trans people. ..

to trans people.

Make sure people know your identity before being alone with a potential partner.

Trans peole need to disclose their transtatus early one because the world is not a trans-picnic lol.

is transpeople preferring to date heterosexual people, is that the same as a black person preferring to date a white person? Some trans people can be transphohic - just like some black people can be anti-black. so they aren't necessarily loving themselves. also jst to clarify that example made sense - is we see the pinnacle for transwomen is to achieve 'womanhood' whether or not they want to say it, - the way many see whiteness as the pinnacle of human evolution so far

as a black person you can only be friends with someone who is antiblack , only if you too are anti black.
anti blackness is not jim crow slave catchers and the kkk

the klu klux klan is a pretty sick name by todays standards. it could be the name of a late ninties early noughties rap group (kinda like wu tang klan. come to think of it i wonder if wu tang were onto the same thing. did they too notice the marketability of the kkk and think 'ah! got it!' wtk, instead of kkk, but indeed follow some of those rules or rather pick one more rule - enough benefit from the kkk, but also obscure potential for discovery of its origin) if we put aside everything it stands for, for a millisecond and just appreciate the alliteration, the identical syllabbles, the colloquilaistaion of the 'k' of 'klan' instead of a 'c'. lol where did the name even come from?

I wonder if those actors who accept scripts that they think will turn them into oscar winners, are cheesy people? I think they are. really. cos when it hink of the kind of actors specificallly who have done movies that are a contrived sort of high intensity, they seem like cheesy people already - and i think if i were a cheesy person, i would probably think a film like that is a strong oscar contender. lol

i find it hard to come to terms with the fact that people kill people. i just thought about it now in a somewhat graphic way and i cannot picture. people always pass around photos of dead people. nah that sounds wrong. obvs people don't pass around pics of dead people, that'd be sick - what it meant was those photos are more readily accessible. but what we never see is photos of someone in the act of killing another person. like not about to kill, but in the act itself like the moment the instrument of torture or the weapon makes the contact or the blow that ultimately makes the victims life leave their body. the moment life leaves the body. there's that photo of the bullet hitting that guys head in that history photo. but that's the only one ive seen i dont know of any others.

But then imagine what it must feel like to kill a person? watching their bodies slump there on the ground. not moving. what would you feel? would u feel terrified panking the body will never move again.

The idea that someone's life can be seen as worthy of turning into a screen play. I mean there must be people so jealous that it happens to others and not them - so resentlful like 'is my life not interesting enought?' lol. i mean isnt this what realitty tv stars are trying to achieve. who's life is more interesting that it commands more attention than the next persons?