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me and my life
2017-08-05 03:35:09 (UTC)


It becomes really difficult to get up in the morning push yourself to go to such pathetic office where you get to learn nothing and to bear with moron bosses. Its very difficult to force yourself to do things which you don't like trust me its like toucher, but then have to fir money sake in tge name of majboori. Which is very sad.
Couple of days i am very stressed coz its been 1 1/2 yr my car is away from me n p is using it shamelessly n its been used ariynd 25k km. It burns my heart. Donno why tye hell he is not buying new car. I spoke abt ut to my sis many times but donno how it is progressing. Today again ill remind her.
V is going to his hometown today. We met yesterday and had alone time chatting only. Expecting periods in couple of days. This pcod is also my life's biggest problem. For now all problems are surrounded around me to mention 1. My car (pls p buy ur own car n keep mine aside)
2. Job.( God pls bless me with good job good salary, location n work)
3. Pcod. When are you going ti be fine??😭 Tryung my share to make it
4. House. Also hunting good house.

Phewww few more to mention but these are grosser ones.
Tomorrow ill be at home ill eat fish n have me time. Watch movie sleep.
Waiting for Goa time. My firat trip with v.
In train now. N glad how internet is qorking smoothly. Such thgs make me so satisfied mentally.
Ok cya have a goid day.