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2017-08-04 01:56:45 (UTC)

at the bar

1. not disclosing your transgender status to a potential partern (ie boyfriend) before anything physical happens is dishonest.
2. If a transman or woman performs any sexual activity with a cis man or woman without them knowing their transtatus, it is rape by deceit. come and fight me.
3. i wonder where do all these people meet eachother i wonder. on a dating site or somewhere public i assume. if on a dating site taht should be the time that the trans person should tell their partner of their trans status. If not in the first instance, then just make sure that you stay meeting in pblic places until u tell them. It's something u have to disclose before getting physical with them.
4. I bet british people or germans came up with the term foreplay. like they have to name each part of sex, and compartmentalize it, they can't just let it flow however it flows. fucking idiots. a categorized fuck.
5. as i was typing that, i for the first time just imagined graphcially spe and his gf the white one, fucking. I thought of his body on top of hers, both naked, him lying on top her stoman, thrusting himself vigouroulsy into her. but before that i thought about the two of them foreplaying. how it might have come about. where were they. did they go out for a dirnk one niht? were they the last ones remaning after some thcuking theatre get together? the last ones in the bar, both drunk and started kissing. she probably kissed him first. i can imagine that. she suddenly feeling all bold and what not, feeling as if she's able to be her more risque sexy self because this black man before her, known so well for his sexual prowess, and perversion, has finally brought it out of her. belieivng it so much that she began giving him eyes, exaggertaed, doey eyes. she proably started paliying with her hair too, twisting it around her fingers, and gaxing at him. he would have clocked what was happening by now, have kept his cool and composre, appearing resolute in his route to allow her to come onto him first, but really still toying withthe idea and stopping himself from making a move every two seconds. now her body is closer. shes leaning in, eventually they begin to kiss, because the more he leans in, the more she leans in and vice versa. until their faces are so close to one anothers their breath can be felt on eachothers faces. they continue talking as if their faces aren't as close as they are. eventually just as she goes to say something as she puts don the drink she had just beeen sipping on, he gently and swiftly brings his face to hers so that their lips touch and sure enough she responds in kind. (i know i said that she kissed him first,but yea) they slow down the pace a fw notches compared to when they began a few seconds ago. after a few sucks and lip massages, they bring in some tounge. she brings it first. even though he seems like the more likely one. right now ,he;'s just happy hes kissing her toung or no tonge. perhaps happier than he thought he would be. he's enjoyung it it idea of ksising an attractive black man she never really courted it, but now after weeks of shameless flirting and anticipation, here she is. now their hands are touching eachother. shoulders, neck, head cheek, although not extensively because they're sitting across a table from eachother . when they pull apart she suddenly realises how wet she is. the kind she gets when she finally gets the physical contact she's been craving from soeone., heavy and thick in its viscosity. htey both get up, after decideing to leave the venue.

5. just another random thought. when a guy and a girl are sitting totehr close, hacing a drink and haeaily fliritng. he girl is usually sitting in a submissive position, with the guy being the one towering or learing or leaning, ovver her. when i'm in this girls position, the feeling of being dominated and protected at the same time is a turn on. so i wonder if the guy gets turned on also by the act of towering, or leaning over a girl the liked ? wold it tiurn them on the same capacity?