Experienced Life
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2017-08-03 19:55:03 (UTC)

Easy come easy go

So, we got a raise this month. Feeling good. We're in first place for darts and so I"m feeling extra high!!! Of course, it couldn't last. I got a letter from the Property mgmt company that my rent will increase. Mother Effer!!! Of course, I'm sure some other crap will be coming around the corner. Well, it didn't take long. My ex started sending me emails saying she misses me and bullshit this and bullshit that. Same old crap. Told her what kind of a person lives under someone else's roof and I'm sure they are screwing their brains out have the audacity to email me and tell me they miss me. I guess this is the epitome of what we call a slut.

So yeah, my rent goes up, pyscho is back emailing me and who knows what's next. I really don't need this bad karma just before my big tournament.

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