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me and my life
2017-08-02 18:08:00 (UTC)

New phase

Here starts the new phase of life. How?
V left job and has started gis own venture. I am working at same place. We dnt get to see each other only weekend and some how we manage. He has gone ahead and m glad that he has moved for building our future.
I am looking for a new job and soon shall i find. Then the phase will change more. Not seeing him everyday makes me feel little different. Miss him. V loves me lot so do I.
Many tensions are there but I know its lifr and its part of life. We must try hard and move ahead. My gym is going good struggling to lose weight atleast 49kg then i won and especially my tummy should suck in then win win me. Yeeeee soon it will.
What else mom is fin dad is super fine, sis struggling in job and getting preggers soon all things shall fall on its place.
Chalo cyaaaa be positive...