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2017-07-30 23:36:12 (UTC)

fucked up

These people topics have me fucked up. I don't know where to begin.

I'll start with nkm. I'm wearing his hoody as we speak. We didn't have sex but we kissed whole lot. like really slow, feeling it all, sensual

i dunno she's quite an intense character but in a weird way. you can feel it, you get glimpses of it now and again. like she's afraid of showing it for fear that it'll frighten people. so she suppresses it. but it fights back and it shows its head sometimes, for a moment and a half. then it goes away in a puff of jokes and giggles.
That day in the restaurant. he laguged so much that the sides of his ears started to ache. i remember it the way he gently pressed on both sides of his face and said 'ugghhhhh my face is hurting so mcuh from lauging' and i felt a pang of triumph and achievement, like that feeling you get when you're playing a game like sony the hedgehog and collecting rings to boost your position. that's how i felt. one more point in my imaginary notch to be seen favourably in his eyes. or when he asked whether I was hungry - indication that he wanted to stay for longer :/ i'm fucked. he's fucked me up because i last msged saying what day shall we meet and got no reponse. it's nothing but for some reason he has me all da way fucked up.
You seem like you haven't settled into your skin

a music vid. three people. all black. two guys one girl. all around the same age. all of them are attracted to each other. both are straight presenting.

With lee am i like the scraping the barrell fukc? i have to ask,because i'm looking at a photo of him and a girl that looks like his girlfriend and she's bagning. some miixie wearing braids. between her and i , i can kinda see a certain pattern. similar shade of skin, similar cheekbones, chisled features. but she's beautiful. i bet she looks good naked. no stretchmarks, no spottiness no ingrown hairs, no uneven skin tone. Her figure is also probably amazing. she has narrow shoulders by the looks of it and i'm guessing a tiny waist. she looks petitie but full. she's go body. and lee likes thighs. the thought that they were together once before (or still) and she was his girlfriend - he does all the things that he'd never do for me, because i'm not his girlfriend. not even a friend. he'll hold her hand, he'll ask her how she's feeling, and after her well being because he cares about her. he'll look forward to seeing her get butterflies in his stomach at the thought of her smile or her laugh. he'll get turned on when he thinks of the softness of her skin, and her breasts, the weight of them. and the thought of all of this makes me feel ugly in comparison to her.