The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2017-07-28 03:23:45 (UTC)

Summer of content

Dear Journal and friends of course:)!
I've been good lately, there's not much stress, not much pain or dramatic peeps, I'm just utterly content.. after high school this is what my days will be like. And that sounds pretty damn good and also pretty boring.

Eventually I'll be busy but I'm going to take time off to just work.
Buy a car, save money for college, college textbooks, notebooks, etc. Why must money be an issue. >->
I passed my road test! :D I'm officially a drivaaa whaddup.

The roads scare me though, at any split second, your life or a strangers could be gone. Just like that. Or worse you could live and deal with the consequences of your actions like being paralyzed, or paralyzing someone else.

Honestly, I would cry everyday if I did that to someone. I would visit them everyday, buy them food, drinks, anything. Not to repent. but from guilt and to spread kindness if I possibly could. I just have a feeling I might get into a terrible accident. It fucking scares me!!!

I'm so happy, I just know so much good is coming my way. I'm friends with my middle school friends again!! I actually predicted that I'd rekindle with someone from my past. Well I thought it was for my brother at first, but turned out I read my own self lol. At first I was hesitant to befriend them again because of that stupid middle school drama shit lmao.

Middle school was WORSE than high school. people are plain MEAN and JUDGMENTAL AS HELL in middle. There was so much bullying in middle school it was awful, I wish I did more for people but I got picked on too, not as badly but still girls were mean!

I've always had trouble with girls. They are just so artificial, not all of course! I've met some really beautiful and kind women, my mom happens to be the most beautiful and kind one I will ever know.:) but for reaaal, girls these days are cruel,
1. It's jealousy 2. Insecurities 3. Hormones 4. They some bitttcchesss.

I don't give a flying hoot what you are going through, don't take out your problems on other people! It just creates MORE PROBLEMS. Girls, we gotta stick together. Not tear each other a part!

No ones gonna have your back at the end of the day if you ain't protecting anyone else first. Respect each other. Of course this applies to men too! Men and women gotta have each others back. But from my experience women just are more cruel to other women, men they just like "we cool?" "we cool" or they fight it out.

Women on the other hand "FUCK U SLUTBAG HOE-MCGEE YOUR DADDY LEFT U CUZ U UGLY AND YOUR MOMS A SLUT WHO CANT KEEP IT TOGETHER" Like they go for the throat, they take what you told them in confidence and use it against you!! But of course once it's over it's like it never happened, and then boom fight again, back where you left it but with new info to use against you. IT JUST DRAGS ON AND ON.

I need women friends who aren't childish and dramatic, who are chillax, who are weird and fun and adventurous and have a humor. I have some friends like that already but I want more girl friends, the problem my description of em is to hard to find. But I have a feeling my friends are out there.