What I Know, Feel, Think, Dream, and Realize
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2017-07-26 23:48:42 (UTC)

I'm Back and Nothing's New

Yeah it's been awhile you don't need to remind me how long its been. And sorry if I'm coming off rude there I didn't mean it, it's just that nothings different. It's to the point that I don't realize how much times passed by. Did you know July is almost over? I hardly could believe it. But whether it's close or not, I still will be doing absolutely nothing. I've never gone back to my psychiatrist, I still am alone for the most part, and I do the same things day after day. Though there is some good in this. I've so bored and alone for so long that my shyness seems none existent because I'm craving something that isn't chores or sitting and doing nothing on a laptop. But in the meantime I'll just be here with my cycle that never ends or stops. But when it does, those moments I love so much, even if I'm just feeling nervous and afraid. I should really type them down on here, I think I'm forgetting them. I'm probably delusional I'm pretty sure I can remember them I think. And to that one reader who reads these entries. Thanks even though there could be nobody, I like feeling that someone listens to me. Well, see ya

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