peko peko
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2017-07-26 15:33:54 (UTC)

When you find out that your love is a gay?

Actually, I was shocked after finding out the truth about him. We've been being friends about 5 years now. Well, I thought that he's my closest friend that it's enough to call him as my bf. lol. I just found out about the fact that he doesn't like a woman after he following my instagram! I showed his pics on instagram to my aunt. She was shocked too! GOSH! Why the hell he should lie to me for about 5 years!!!!!!!!

I do care about him! Even when he was stucked in tsunami disaster that was happening in Kumamoto, I always contact him by email! Every day! But, when there's happening a bomb terror in Jakarta, he never even once asked about me! Maybe if I die he won't care so much too!

You know who's his bf?? When his lil bro came to Jakarta, he asked me to guide him! When I found out his real bf that actually his fake lil bro!
If I know that he's not his lil bro, I didn't wanna guide him at all! Why should I guide that as*ho**!

GOSH! How dare him lie to me like that!! I will never ever accept your relationships ever!!
Both of you are the most devil person! How could both of you tricked me like this!

This is the first time I talk evil like this.... I know that this is totally wrong!. But, I still can't forgive them God!
What should I do? I don't wanna go to the hell! T_T"

People say that time could heal our sorrow! I hope that's true! I don't wanna have such a revenge or uneasy feeling like this.....
That's why I pray to the temple every Sunday just to let my self to forgive both of them T_T