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2017-07-25 18:09:19 (UTC)

Our Adventure at Mount Charleston

If only we could freeze time to capture the essence of the beauty standing before us. The grounds of Mount Charleston were miles away from the city's skyscrapers. Even with binoculars, you could only see mother nature giving us the impression that the green land stretched out forever. In every direction I saw pine trees; it smelled like Christmas in the middle of Summer! I took a deep breath, inhaled the fresh air, and got a taste of freedom. There were plants I've never seen before like lime colored flowers with countless stems and ancient trees that were here generations before me.

We're beginners at hiking and we knew better, but neither of us wanted to turn back. We almost reached the top of the mountain when we ran out of food and water. Another sign that we should've turned back but... we didn't listen. The back of our ankles had brand-new blisters and our legs felt numb like never before. I felt like I just ran a half-marathon and both of us were out-of-breath, but we did it. Together Pablo and I reached the summit of Mount Charleston! We were 10,000 feet above the earth and even farther away from food.

P.S. Pablo words cannot express how grateful I am to have you come on this journey with me. I love you!

~Yours Truly,