Experienced Life
2017-07-21 01:47:50 (UTC)

My friend zone friends

So, something strange is happening. I have a lot of friend zone lady friends. It's fine. I'm ok with it. Funny thing at camp happened though. There is a cutie that I haven't seen in a couple years. We know each other. Anyway, we met again and I was not hesitant to introduce her to the gang as "hot Jen".

So what was the response? One friend (who happened to be name Jenny also) told me "So what am I? Ugly Jen?" I answered, "No, you are friend zone Jen". lol Anyway, I find something strange is going on. Now, these friend zone women are now showing interest in me. Asking me out and shit! No kidding! One asks me out of FB as a group though but I already knew she liked me for awhile now.

The other tries to cock block her and tells me that I can go over her house to hang out. So what the heck? I wasn't desirable and in the friend zone forever with some of these women. Now I get all this attention all of a sudden? I did not change the way I dress. I did not change my cologne. I take my one daily shower as I always do. I haven't gotten a raise in awhile so no extra cha ching in my pockets. I think even my evil ex sent me a text. I didn't bother to read it though as I know it was not going to be a positive thing so I just deleted it. I like to stay drama free.

Go figure. I'll never understand women.