This life
2017-07-19 12:48:36 (UTC)


Well, Just an update really. Things have settled down at home. Dad has moved in with me in what was the office. Its a bit small but he's making due. He's a real trooper. The dogs are getting along. All three of them. My dog, Chloe is still trying to be alpha bitch and growls when it suits her. She still doesn't like it when the two male dogs get too close. They usually just keep their distance from her. But they are both really sweet dogs. Mom is still in her three bedroom house alone, doesn't come over or text or call. Said she's moving at the middle or end of August. We can rent that house and finally make some money on it and help pay our mortgage. OH yeah, I did ask her if she wanted to go shopping with me and told her I would pay. She said yes and we did go and she got a few things. But never once mentioned any of the shit that was going on. Haven't heard from her since. Doubt that I will. She's not making an effort. I think I'm done trying. My youngest son moved out, he can't handle everything that is going on. Hates living in the basement, hates sharing with his brother, I think he hates me and blames me for making Grandmother so mad she wants to move away. I'm not making her move away. She's doing that all on her own. He could move in with her and they could stay together over there, but they didn't like that idea. So, I'm still loosing my mother and a son. Just because I wanted to take care of my sick dad too. I still don't regret it.

Work is going ok. I didn't have to work a day shift this week. Yay! I never get enough sleep going from a nocturnal shift to an 11:00am shift. I'm so tired. But it's usually once a week. It sucks. I put 5 people on Monday night and was busy as heck and only take a 20 minute lunch break. I still don't get enough hours to be full time and barely make enough money to make the bills. Maybe getting my certification will come with a raise? Lol

ON the awesome bright side, I've lost a 100lbs and I'm down to a size 12 in jeans. That's Misses size not Womens size!! I was a 22 Womens size jeans. It feels so good buying smaller jeans. I'm also a large Misses top as well. I was a 3X or 4X in Womens. The only pain is that I have to buy new clothes and money is tight. So I don't have a lot of clothes that fit right now. A couple of t-shirts , jeans and a nice top I bough yesterday. Credit card bill is going up just so I can stay in clothes. Not good.

My house is still in shambles trying to figure out what to do with all the shit that was in the office. It's piled up in the living room on the couch and on the floor and where the Christmas tree goes. There is no room to store it anywhere. I don't even have a place to put my printer. it's so overwhelming. I just want to get rid of the furniture, get tables and shelves, and two recliners and call it a day. everybody else can sit on the floor. Hah!

Dad is truing to pare down the things in his room so he has room to move around in there. he gave me Jason's things that he has. That was hard to swallow. I'll tell you about my brother and how he died some other time. And he gave me a book of all his accomplishments as a Technician over the years, All the certificates, awards, letters of recommendation, certificates of recognition, newspaper clippings, etc. He had an awesome career. He is so smart. I just wish he had chosen a career that wasn't so hard on his body that made him so crippled now. He wasn't just a auto tech, he was a Master Diagnostician. He repaired what the manufacturers couldn't fix. He had a reputation. For example, Toyota the Manufacturer had a car that was hit by lightning and they couldn't figure out what was wrong, why the car wouldn't work. They came to my dad to figure it out. And he did. That's how good he was. To see him now is sad. He still has his mind, but he forgets a lot, and his body fails him more than it should.

Well there is an update. I just wanted to put into writing how things are going. No real major events, just current status.