The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2017-07-19 03:49:07 (UTC)

Ya know life will take you by storm, ..

Ya know life will take you by storm, it'll hurt you, break you, it'll be the painful mental anguish you just can't distinct in one way, because words aren't always enough to tell your story. Your side of things. You'll see movies showing you how you felt, how you could have felt, how someone else felt.

There's just some lessons we've all have to learn. Whether society wants you to learn them, or your soul wants you too. Lately I've been thinking how I want to learn more about me, and I'm not sure if I want to learn more about me or my soul. Aren't I just one? Isn't that just me? I can't distinguish it. Is my vessel my soul? Or am I just another lesson? I can't tell.

But the thing is I'm scared to learn more because I'm not all that spiritually ready quite yet. And I feel my spirits really wanna talk with me and I can't get what they really want from me or to tell Me. I know they are really caring though. And I'm very curious to learn more but I'm still scared and I'm not exactly sure why.

One of my psychic peeps told me it was because we were punished in past lives for my powers. And multiple psychics have told me I'm psychic as well. I have a gift with animals and people. I'm good at giving advice because I'm psychic/see it works out apparently and that really put me in aw because at the time it was my first psychic lady I've met and it just amazed me and I was just like how did you know I'm good at giving advice?

Her psychic daughter told me I'm not like a 17 year old she said she sees me like I'm like a older woman because I don't worry about what kids worry about, and she's completely right. I'm not 17, I'm like way older mentally. It sucks. It makes me feel a little robbed because I can't enjoy what other kids my age enjoy.

Sometimes I'm a kid, other times not./: I just never was naive to other people's actions. I knew people's intentions, I could read them, of course that's mostly intuition but intuition is a psychic ability we all have.

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