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2017-07-17 14:47:26 (UTC)

Last Minute Rush

1st entry.. public, because where's the fun in this if no one can read it..?!
Title makes it sound like it's Christmas shopping or something. It's not.. I have a last minute rush every day. Usually don't have anything to do until late afternoon, So spend the day lounging, eating, watching celeb SC stories or watching Domo & Crissy Vlogs - check them out!!
Anyway, start work in an hour, left rushing to get ready. Constantly getting distracted, like now...
I am the most impatient, sassy, moodiest person going, and I say 'Can't be doing with this' about a billion times a day. (Is it ' or " ..? No idea!)
I literally can't be doing with work today, but only there for roughly 4-5 hours and then have 3 days off, so not too bad, just the people who are working today.
Todays shift manager, Who for the purposes of this I'm going to rename 'Shirb' (again, ' or " ?), cannot annoy me anymore, she honestly makes my blood boil all the time. We never finish on time, she always does more than necessary and likes everything exact. (Work in a supermarket btw). Every shift is crazy stressful, like my stress levels are extreme.
I don't know if you can edit these things afterwards? Guess this'll be a test one.
Anyway, best get dressed.
Yours truly, the Boss Ass B*tch of NYC
Dunno why I said that, from England..