A Libra's Lovelife
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2017-07-17 14:31:10 (UTC)


-Kyle (24yo from OKCupid) is not gonna budge about not seeing me again until I get tested.

-Justin (26yo from OKCupid) is still acting like he's interested, but yet not making the decision to just see me already. He knows I'm off Wed & Fri this week...tick tock tick tock. It's been 21 weeks.

-Tim (customer at work) wants to see me on Wed, but I just don't know. He's 28yo & still in college, living with his Dad but will be homeless soon & barely makes any he wants kids so should I even bother????

-Elliott (27yo richie who I found on OKCupid last Fall) is pushing to finally meet this Wed. He'll have to drive an hour or so, so ya know damn well he'll be wanting some action of some sort on the first meet, which I don't do (okay maybe sometimes lol).

-Ben (39yo lost love) still has not called me or texted after surprising me at work almost 2 weeks ago. WTF

I almost feel like keeping Wed open for Justin which I know has been a terribly bad habit for the past two years. I've wasted countless days off hoping he'd wanna see me at the last minute. I just prefer being with someone I'm super comfortable with, rather than inviting some new guy into my world again. I went out on such a HUGE fear to meet Kyle & things felt soooo great & then of course it's over before it even began. I'm just tired...and annoyed...and frustrated. It's been 3 weeks already since I've had sex. I can't decide what to do about Wed. I've gotten Tim & Elliott's hopes up, tho I didn't make any promises. UGH