Young Sprout
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2017-07-16 05:45:08 (UTC)

What Happened

You said we would hang out, and you told me you were gonna ask me if I wanted to go do something, and of course I did and I wish I could re-do those choices so maybe you could have contacted me but I couldn't loom at your name it haunted me and please don't ask why because truthfully I do not know it just did. I have been trying to hangout and spend time but you always tell me you have work, but somehow there is time for my best friend to come at 10 PM and go to work in the morning but no time for you. No matter how much I hinted and maybe I made it worse by trying to hard but you never asked again and now it's to late because I am leaving. But you are the one person that I can't let go the one person I care about WAY TOO MUCH.