Young Sprout
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2017-07-16 05:27:56 (UTC)

Just Try

Look I know that depression can be a lot to deal with, and I know that some stuff happened between us. But I thought you were my best friend someone who would finally stay someone who could help me and would let me help them when they needed. I guess I was wrong, and I really want to know if I'm "fucking making shit up" as you say but really I think you thought you knew me well and then I tried to show you every aspect of my being and that was to much for you. You don't understand what I am going through because I have a mental illness so no you don't "know" and I don't need you to understand. All I need is for you to here me out and try to understand. You say "stop just saying fuck this fuck that" but when I say that it's not me at least not the me I want you to see, so I need you to ignore that please don't get mad because you can think clearly so there is no reason for you to lash out, especially when I'm not thinking at all.

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