Experienced Life
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2017-07-14 07:12:21 (UTC)

WTF Moment

I dunno what's going on lately. I think something big is bugging me. I sort of know but I'm wondering why my normal jaded thing didn't kick in. All of a sudden, I can't seem to handle the normal pain and misery I have to deal with in life. I don't know why. What the hell is going on? I deal with the normal crappy life day in and day out. The ex giving me shit? That's normal. Didn't see or talk to the kiddos in awhile because the ex won't let me? Ok, so that's normal. Work being unfair at time? Same old same old. No dates or just crappy dates? Yeah, that too is normal "feed strangers day".

Today, I'm going camping with the "group" again. Going out to the lake. Usually a fun thing to do. Yet, I am not feeling it and although I know I need to go to do some souls searching out at the lake kayaking and fishing. I hope I get out of this slump. Where is the dude that used to be glad to wake up to a new day? How long ago was that anyway? Seems like a lifetime ago.

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