What I Know, Feel, Think, Dream, and Realize
2017-07-11 23:42:00 (UTC)

Hey Me again (as if anyone else ever ..

Hey Me again (as if anyone else ever types other than me). How's it been? Are you doing good Journal? I know you'll never actually respond to me, but I'd feel a little rude if I didn't ask because all I mostly do is talk about me. You could argue that since it's 'my' journal I'm writing in, but even then it doesn't hurt to expand and talk about other things as well. Anyways, things still are the same. I do the exact same chores and pass the day doing the similar things that I might even be typing the same journal entries without even knowing it. I know I can read them to see, and I do sometimes, but I feel as though that makes the entries lose their charm of sorts, that and I get lazy reading all the things I've written, but lets stick to the whole charm reason. There I am getting sidetracked again. Look what I'm trying to say is that I just feel well, tired really. Tired of being alone and tired of doing the same thing repeating the same day over and over again. I love those moments where something new happens. Camping, eating out with family or friends, Just anything that isn't washing the same dishes, making the same bed, and looking at the same thing online. I want this annoying cycle of emptiness and loneliness to end already. But whatever if life has nothing to do with me other than cleaning and browsing the internet, the I guess I really don't have any other option. Well it's getting late. Can't wait for the same day tomorrow. See ya Journal