2017-07-11 08:45:32 (UTC)


I have no idea what to write about today, but I thought maybe it would be good to try to create the habit o writing more frequently regardless.
I made absolutely no progress on my recordings last night other than to essentially verify that a transcript that I was sure I had made of a song I once wrote "Baby, Baby" doesn't seem to exist. I was in the hospital in 2013, and within 20 minutes of arrival, was in emergency surgery and while recovering had this song in a dream. I woke up and am certain I scored it in PowerTab so that I wouldn't forget any of it. I kinda reminded me of a song I thought might exist from the 60's but after long and tedious searching am now confident that this is mine and not something I ever heard before.
Come to think of it - it was July 11, 2013 that I was admitted...
Today is the 4 year anniversary of that.
My mom and my aunt had flown down to Ontario from Nova Scotia to see me when this happened. I was out of work for a little over a month. It was a very close brush with death.
I miss my mom.
She died last year (March 13).
It's been hard secretly coping with that. I have a lot of regrets over just history I guess. I wasn't always a great son. A lot of time was wasted holding grudges over things we never seen eye to eye on, and to what purpose? Lost time, and not a point to it. My friend Ian used to warn me about how I would look back on that period and he was right. He is dead now too, though.
I'm really drifting through thought here now so I guess I'll move on with the day.