Neophyte's Vision
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2017-07-11 09:30:42 (UTC)

Excellence to Me

Excellence for me is a journey going from being a neophyte to a virtuoso by removing the hindrances by virtue of finding my strength and weaknesses. It is a quality which is unusually good that it surpasses ordinary standards.
The core area is an essential part of anything that is requisite for the proper functioning. In other words, it can be said as the nucleus of the body forming the basis for its activity and functioning. My core area is marketing and communication, it is because I like to meet new people and interact with them, as I have worked on myself to be out of my comfort zone to gather self-confidence, but the journey is long, a few more obstacles to overcome, more checkpoints to cross.
I would train myself better to achieve what I strive for by increasing the activities and interaction and I consider 'curiosity' to learn more as my superpower.

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