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2017-07-10 17:14:05 (UTC)

It's Not over

Wait! Is something there about Mariana Liza's? Yes. i was right. We decided to go for a wood to look for Eric while he's standing up there still. "Kate, we need to kill Eric with a chainsaw on." Mariana responded. Then they turned on the chainsaw and drew the wolf sign on it, and suddenly 3 of them are running away. "Eric, you did this little bitch how was this that for?" I warned. Eric starts evil laughing all over the whole forest including the animals. "Eric, you are fucking excused to get out of this den right now before the clock rings like the mouse. However if you dare to go for the den, I will rather motherfucking kill you right away." I sighed. And the wolves are starting to howl, the wolves tried to killed Eric and they went back to the trees. "Mariana Liza!" Ricardo yelled to run in the path. "What did you do?" He asked again. "I tried to use a sword for using to kill Eric, because I hate him anymore." Mariana was crying again.

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