What I Know, Feel, Think, Dream, and Realize
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2017-07-10 03:56:00 (UTC)

Hey Journal. Today after getting back ..

Hey Journal. Today after getting back from camping sure was interesting. I was tired, hungry, covered in itchy mosquito bites and dirty. I expected today to play out as boring as usual. I expected to shower, then brows stuff and play games on my phone or my laptop. Maybe finish that series I tell myself to start. Just regular things. But what happened was that my sister also went out and did something maybe swim I don't remember at but it doesn't matter. What matters is that she forgot her wallet there and had to drive two hours to see if nobody picked up a wallet. And as per usual as if I was genetically born to be dragged in things I hate, I was forced to go. My thoughts of a nice quiet Sunday were gone and filled with sad thoughts of being stung again by those damn blood suckers. What are the purpose of mosquitoes? All they do I suck blood and fill you with chemicals that make you itchy or even poke you when they sucked the blood of somebody who had a fatal illness. Anyway we found wallet and drove to Wendy's to eat. As much as I sound like I didn't want to do this (Which I really did not) It was actually a little fun, but mostly annoying if anything. Well t's pretty late. Night Journal and Readers(?) who knows if no one that's fine. See ya

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