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2017-07-10 01:10:56 (UTC)

7/10/17: Deadly Lies

Kate: Mariana Liza, I will take care of the money.
Mariana Liza: *gets my binder out* Okay sure. *takes care of Kate's money and puts Kate's money in her wallet* *closes Kate's wallet* *puts Kate's wallet in her backpack and closes*
*Eric enters*
Mariana Liza: Eric! What are you doing here?
Eric: Mariana! None of your business. And you Kate same.
Kate: *slapped Eric* Shut the hell up! You are deadly hell! * walks away*
Mariana Liza: Kate!!! *runs in the hallway and follows Kate in downstairs, goes to the girls restroom* Are you friends with Eric Alvarez or no?
Kate: *crying* No! He's bitch.