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2017-07-10 01:00:18 (UTC)

Continued Part 2

"Umm this is the boys only, so please do not go to the boys baseball, because you're not playing anymore!" Eric yelled. "Eric, I'm going out to the baseball practice, because of these baseball players got troubled me anymore!" I screamed as she went upstairs, goes to my bedroom covering a pillow and I stormed out. And the next day, Mariana Liza and Ricky heard Kate screaming between her lungs and both of them are going back inside, taking off the shoes and they went upstairs and going to Kate's bedroom and also Kate's parents are going upstairs too. "Eric, why did you lied to her, did you getting not purpose if so why did you treat like your young loser man?" Mariana Liza yelled with her crying tears. "You lied to me! We had long conversations about this."

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